Kakadu National Park Yellow Water

Kakadu National Park Yellow Water

When taking time out to visit the stunning Yellow Waters of Kakadu your expectations will certainly be met with the variety of wildlife and birdlife, open water billabongs to explore, cruises to join, boardwalks to meander along and along with some of Kakadu’s most famous attractions which can all be found here in the heart of Kakadu. Yellow Water joins onto the South Alligator River floodplain which can be spectacular during the dry or wet season, depending on when you are in the area. Yellow Water is one of Australia’s most premier tourist destinations so when holidaying in Kakadu you must not pass up this opportunity to see it for yourself.

The dry season of the Top End of the Northern Territory sees the water levels of the waterholes, billabongs and wetlands drop so while visiting Yellow Water you can take to the boardwalk which will provide you ample opportunity to see an abundance of bird species as you go along the 1km boardwalk. Yellow Water is home to so much flora and fauna that Kakadu is famous for, where you can see interesting ecosystems and experience the true Australia that has put us on the map. Cruise the waterways and wetlands where you can capture the beauty of Yellow Water for yourself or join a guided walk that will take you along one of the many walking tracks around the floodplains. Every walking track varies in length from 30 minutes to an hour, so all fitness levels can enjoy it.

There are Yellow Water river cruises and Barramundi fishing charters where you can see all aspects of the region in all its glory, no matter what time of year you are visiting and you may also be interested in doing a cruise that will let you enjoy the famous Kakadu sunsets and sunrises that will take your breath away. Meander along the rivers and water systems, where you spot lazy crocodiles on the sandbanks, see a variety of birdlife, and beautiful flowers and plant life that line the banks of the waterways. All of the cruises that you can enjoy when in Yellow Water will let you do a bit of everything from bird watching, wildlife spotting, croc watching and seeing for yourself why this World Heritage Listed region is so popular with people from all around the world.

Watch as wrens jump from lily to lily, view sea eagles perched at the top of paperbark tree and listen to your tour guide as you learn about the culture and historical importance of Yellow Water. There are Dreamtime stories to be told and tales dating back millions of years that will mystify you and amaze you with their wonder and beauty.

Yellow Water will capture your heart and set your mind free and you scope the landscape with all it has to offer. It is one of the very few places that remains untouched by man and one of the most healthy wetlands and ecosystems in the world. It is to be treasured and well kept for years and years to come so that everyone will have the opportunity to witness this true spectacle for themselves. Yellow Water should be high on your list of ‘To Do’s’ when planning your trip to Kakadu.