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Kings Canyon is located in the Northern Territory within the Watarrka National Park and has 270m high walls. The walk around the top of the canyon is definitely worth it as the views are spectacular, otherwise you can take the walk through the canyon gorge looking up to the towering canyon above you, another way to see the canyon is from a helicopter.

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Kings Canyon wonders include the rock formation called the Lost City and the Garden of Eden at the foot of the Canyon. Over time great carvings have been etched into the canyon’s sandstone sides. The surfaces are covered with rocky crags having battled the elements for more than 300 million years. Ancient marine fossils etched into the rock show the incredible environmental changes that have taken place over time.

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You can get a glimpse of the ‘Garden of Edens’ environment when you enter the canyon, this is beautifully lush and contains many types of ferns and other various flora, Kings Canyon is truly an environmental wonderland, with its Aboriginal and ancient history evident at every step.

Kings Canyon Accommodation is at the Kings Canyon Resort where it offers camping, budget rooms, and standard hotel rooms.

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