Kakadu National Park, How to Get There

Kakadu National Park, How to Get There

Trying to arrange your travel plans to Kakadu and looking for the best possible way to get there? Kakadu is closest to Darwin, located approximately 3 hours south of the big city with many different ways to travel from here. You can look at making your own tracks along the sealed roads, join a coach tour for the day or perhaps longer to see the sights as well as take to the skies for a scenic flight. Kakadu is a holiday destination that should not be missed with stunning landscapes, cascading waterfalls, towering gorges, and an abundance of flora and fauna.

Many tour operators run daily tours to Kakadu for the day as well as overnight and extended tours. Sit back in luxury on a comfortable coach for the day and let someone else do all of the driving as you get taken to magical locations, waterholes, and cruise waterways, and learn about the historical importance of Kakadu.

You can make tracks from Katherine if you are heading from that direction, travel directly from Darwin, and even many other city locations around Australia that all have safe, sealed roads that lead you straight to Kakadu. The most direct route is definitely from Darwin as you head along the Arnhem Highway which is a sealed road that most cars find easy to travel along. If you don’t already have your own means of transportation you can easily book a four-wheel drive car to get you to Kakadu through one of the reputable car rental companies in Darwin.

From Sydney you will be looking at 4050km, from Brisbane it is around 3500km, Adelaide is approximately 3200km and Perth sits at around 4500km away from Kakadu. Many people who wish to visit Kakadu find that the most optional way is to fly directly into Darwin and make your way from there. From Darwin, you should head directly to the Visitor Information Centre where you can collect all of the info that you need regarding park regulations. Along the roads into Kakadu, you will find a number of places where you can collect a park guide booklet informing you of where you can park to go exploring and it also includes all of the main attractions that are a must-see.

You do not necessarily need a four-wheel drive to get to Kakadu, although it will open many more places for you to visit if you do have one, but you can still see much of Kakadu in a smaller car if that is all you have. Many of the roads that you travel along to either get to Kakadu or within the park itself are all sealed making it accessible all year round.

If you only have a couple of hours up your sleeve but still wish to see some of Kakadu, another way to get there is to join a scenic flight that will take you over the National Park so you can see it from above. Many tour operators and rental car companies offer some great ways in which you can take advantage of to get to Kakadu or you can simply travel in your own car to see the sights.