Clean Up Australia Day in The N.T

Clean Up Australia Day is the nation’s largest community-based environmental event held annually to protect our environment from harm. This year it will be held on Sunday 3 March 2024, with dedicated Schools Clean Up Day on Friday 1 March and Business Clean Up Day on Tuesday 27 February.

In the Northern Territory, Clean Up Australia Day brings together passionate community members across the region to help reduce the impact of rubbish on our natural places, waterways and bushland. 

Through the efforts of volunteers, large amounts of litter are removed from beaches, parks, rivers, creeks, picnic areas, bushland, streets, schools and other sites. This helps protect local wildlife and their habitats, while also enhancing the visual amenity of our outdoor areas.

Clean Up Australia Day Cleaning Styrofoam Cup
Clean Up Australia Day Cleaning Styrofoam Cup

There are many locations participating in Clean Up Australia Day across the Northern Territory in 2024. Here is an in-depth overview of the key sites and community efforts happening this year:

IGA Northside in Braitling

The team at IGA Northside supermarket in Braitling, a northern suburb of Darwin, are rallying local residents, community groups and schools to help clean up litter in the surrounding streets and public areas this Clean Up Australia Day.

Located at 4 Hearne Place, the IGA Northside supermarket provides an ideal meeting point for volunteers aiming to tackle rubbish hotspots in the local neighbourhood. The enthusiastic supermarket team will provide bags, gloves and vests donated by Clean Up Australia to equip the volunteers for the litter collection.

On the morning of Clean Up Day, volunteers will gather in the supermarket carpark ready for a safety briefing and site allocation. The area surrounding the supermarket features residential streets, small parks and bushland reserves, all littered with improperly discarded rubbish. Volunteers will fan out in groups to scour suburban streets for litter, focusing on plastic waste, abandoned household junk removal, and other rubbish thrown from cars or dumped illegally.


Clean Up Australia Day Cleaning Rivers
Clean Up Australia Day Cleaning Rivers

Toon SHS and Cool’s Mall in Machi Manatii

In the small coastal town of Machi Manatii, students from Toon Senior High School have partnered with nearby Cool’s Mall to clean up litter in the precinct. The school and mall management were concerned about waste impacting the local environment and amenities of the popular shopping area.

On Clean Up Day, student and staff volunteers from Toon SHS will gather at Cool’s Mall at 1125 Minara Toon-Shi Ehime along with community members. The enthusiastic team of volunteers will be briefed on safety procedures and assigned collection zones around the mall including the main entrance, carpark, loading dock and surrounding streets.

Armed with bags, gloves and litter grabbers provided by Clean Up Australia, the volunteers will venture out in groups to scour their designated zones for rubbish. Key targets are cigarette butts, plastic shopping bags, bottles, food packaging and illegally dumped larger waste items. These not only detract from the area’s visual amenities but also can make their way into stormwater drains and eventually the nearby ocean.


Clean Up Australia Day Cleaning Microplastics
Clean Up Australia Day Cleaning Microplastics

Numbulwar Community and Beach Front

The remote Indigenous community of Numbulwar is passionate about protecting their natural environment and Aboriginal heritage sites located along the picturesque Rose River and Gulf of Carpentaria coastline. This Clean Up Australia Day, residents have organised a major effort to remove rubbish from the town, beach, community areas and surrounding bushland.

Volunteers will gather at the Numbulwar town square on Clean Up morning, where local Elders will give acknowledgment and guidance for protecting the country. The passionate volunteers will then disperse with bags and gloves provided by Clean Up Australia to tackle priority areas.

One team will focus on the main township, collecting litter strewn along roads and public areas that can make its way to the ocean during the tropical wet season rains. Another group will head to the Numbulwar beach area to remove hazards like abandoned nets, hooks, bottles and plastic packaging from the sand. This protects marine life and prevents further pollution.

Clean up Umbakumba Day

The small Indigenous community of Umbakumba is committed to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for their families. This Clean Up Australia Day, passionate locals have organised a community-wide effort to remove rubbish and improve amenities.

Volunteers will gather at the Umbakumba Council Building in the town centre, ready for a briefing and safety instructions. Residents will then disperse across the community armed with bags, gloves and pickers provided by Clean Up Australia.

One team of volunteers will tackle the town’s main residential area. They will pick up litter thrown from cars and improperly discarded waste items like food wrappers, bottles and cans. This protects children and pets in the area while improving visual amenities.

Another group of enthusiastic volunteers will clean up Umbakumba’s network of footpaths and green spaces. These areas are often littered with cigarette butts, plastic bags and junk food containers. By removing rubbish, volunteers can protect the sparse vegetation and create inviting community areas.

Gunyangara Community

Gunyangara is a small Indigenous community passionate about protecting their local environment and community health. This Clean Up Australia Day, the Gunyangara School Parents Association has rallied students, parents, teachers and residents to help clean up the school grounds and surrounds.

After morning lessons, students will pour into the school grounds with parents and teachers to begin the litter collection. The enthusiastic volunteers will be equipped with bags, gloves and pickers supplied by Clean Up Australia. Small teams will then fan out across the school grounds collecting any litter.

Another group of volunteers will venture along the main access road and nearby public areas that are prone to rubbish dumping. Members of the local Landcare group will tackle the fringes of the neighbouring bushland reserve. By removing waste from the long grass before it washes into waterways, they can protect local habitats.

For students, this event teaches environmental awareness and pride in their community. It also provides a fun, hands-on learning experience outside the classroom. After a busy morning, the school hosts a community BBQ lunch to celebrate the participants’ achievements and build connections between families, teachers and volunteers.

Casuarina Beach and Dripstone Picnic Area

Casuarina Beach and Dripstone Picnic Area are popular recreation spots nestled amongst natural bushland south of Darwin. This Clean Up Australia Day, local volunteers are tackling the litter hotspots threatening these reserves.

Volunteers will meet at the Dripstone Picnic Area carpark along with Parks and Wildlife officers who manage the reserves. After a safety briefing, groups will disperse to target priority zones. One team will focus on Casuarina Beach, removing plastics, abandoned fishing debris and other rubbish from the high tide mark. This protects turtle nesting sites along the beach.

Another group will tackle the Dripstone Picnic Area, collecting litter from picnic tables, barbeques, carparks and footpaths. Removing food and plastic waste protects the area’s native wildlife. The volunteers will also target walking trails winding through the reserves out to Dollarmites Beach, picking up jettisoned rubbish.


The strength of the Clean Up Australia Day movement in the Northern Territory demonstrates the pride residents have in their region and their commitment to protecting nature and building stronger communities. 

The efforts of generous volunteers on Clean Up Day make a tangible difference in safeguarding local habitats and enhancing community amenities. Beyond the environmental outcomes, these events foster community spirit, awareness of sustainability issues, and a sense of shared responsibility for our public spaces.