Kakadu National Park Attractions

Kakadu National Park Attractions

From watching jumping crocodiles to cruising the river systems and waterways, to hiking and guided walks, these are just some of the activities that you can do throughout your days in Kakadu while holidaying in this stunning destination in the Northern Territory. With its pristine surrounds and many of Australia’s main attractions, it isn’t hard to see why thousands upon thousands of people flock to Kakadu National Park each year to experience it for themselves. Young or old and people of all fitness levels can find something to fill up their days with here in Kakadu.

There is some of the Kakadu barramundi fishing to be done here or you can join the river cruises that will take you through towering gorges and past cascading waterfalls. You can jump on board one of the daily cruises to see the famous jumping crocs of Kakadu or join a bird and animal spotting cruise for the day. You can do a hiking trip along one of the many trails that wind themselves through the National Park or join a guided walk where you can learn about bush tucker food and even connect with the Aboriginal Dreamtime and culture of Kakadu. So many of the walks that you can do in the Kakadu National Park will take you past sandstone cliffs, towering gorges, waterways and wetlands, rugged escarpments, and waterfalls for you to see along the way.

You can go kayaking along the rivers and wetlands where you can see a diverse range of wildlife and animal life up close and personal or take your time to go exploring on your own. Join one of the art talks for you to listen in on, cultural activities, and nighttime guided walks where you can see a whole other side of Kakadu as it comes alive with the setting of the sun. Watch the awesome sight of the sun setting over the horizon; take a scenic flight over the region, travel to see Jim Jim Falls, or take a dip in Gunlom Plunge Pool which is a wonderful combination of scenic sights and refreshing crystal clear waters.

Enjoy a round of golf at the local golf course one afternoon, dine at one of the restaurants where you can taste some wonderful cuisines, or settle around the pool for some afternoon drinks. You can wander through caves, see Aboriginal rock art that dates back millions of years or enjoy a camping adventure under the stars for the night. You can go four-wheel driving, go rock climbing, visit some of the main sights including Nourlangie Rock, the famous mining town of Jabiru, travel along the Yellow Water River, or see Twin Falls in all its glory.

With so many activities from boating and fishing, hiking and camping trips, sunset tours and scenic flights, and some of the best-guided tours you will ever embark upon, Kakadu offers so many activities for you to enjoy while you are holidaying here that you are certainly going to need more than just a couple of days to truly experience the many great parts of this world heritage listed area. Some of the best sightseeing can be done right here in Kakadu so you can either plan a holiday of luxury where you relax in style and laze by the pool in summer time or you can set out and enjoy the endless list of activities and attractions that Kakadu has to offer.