Kakadu National Park Jim Jim Falls

Kakadu National Park Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls of Kakadu is one of the most famous attractions to be found in this stunning region, where you will see this wonderful cascading waterfall in all its glory. Jim Jim Falls is only accessible during the dry season and even with the flow of the water being dramatically reduced it is still amazing to see the huge deep canyon that the water falls to. If you are visiting in the wet season you can see Jim Jim Falls and the Twin Falls from above with a scenic flight that departs daily depending on the weather from either Jabiru or Cooinda. The towering 150, cliffs are awesome sights with fringing rainforests at either side leading down to crystal clear rock pools that are home to a variety of species both animal and plants and both waterfalls are two of the largest in Australia.

Access to the Jim Jim Falls camping ground can be done in a small two-wheel drive car because in recent years the road has been made gravel making it accessible to everyone. From here you start the track to the actual waterfalls for a sight that you will never forget. Even during the dry season when the waterfalls flow is drastically reduced it is still something to marvel at with all its beauty and deep canyons and rock pools. The Jim Jim Falls camping ground is approximately 60kms from the nearest places to stay and once you arrive you will then set out on a short 1km walk through the rainforests to reach a beautiful watering hole where you can swim but care must always be taken when swimming in Kakadu. However, there is also another wonderful location where there is a sandy beach to laze on and running crystal clear water to bathe in after a long hot walk through the forests. The walk is relatively easy but towards the end, it can get tough as you jump from rock to rock like a wallaby but from here you will be able to view the start of the falls in fall sight.

If you are travelling in a high-range four-wheel drive you can set out on the drive that will take you directly to the falls themselves but it can get a little tricky at times which is why a high-range four-wheel drive is definitely needed. There are some deep patches and creeks to pass through and if you are travelling these tracks at the start of the dry season it is also advised that your four-wheel drive has a snorkel for deep patches that you may have to go through.

Surrounded by rock walls on three sides, you suddenly feel rather small compared to the huge towering rock faces that engulf you. Almost impossible to catch the massive cliff faces in one picture you will quickly come to realise just why this is one of the most breathtaking destinations in Australia. Swim, laze under the warm summer on the sandy beach, go exploring, see an abundance of flora and fauna, and experience the magic that is Kakadu. There is also another walk that you can do to the top of Jim Jim Falls that people don’t usually do, so it will be a nice quiet walk along the top of the escarpment where the view is well worth the trip that will take you around 5-6 hours round trip.

Whether you are just visiting for the day in your four-wheel drive or perhaps camping at the Jim Jim Falls campground where there are solar hot showers, toilets, and brand-new amenities, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit Jim Jim Falls. You may have seen pictures and photos in books and magazines but they do not tell the true picture that you will see before when you are looking at for yourself.