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Kakadu National Park Nourlangie Rock
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Kakadu National Park Nourlangie Rock

Formed millions and millions of year ago, Nourlangie Rock stands high above the tree tops overlooks billabongs, wetlands, waterholes and a vast landscaped of every changing colours. Nourlangie Rock has been home to the Aboriginal people of Kakadu for many years and it is here that you can see a plethora of wildlife and plant life all for yourself. It is here that the Aboriginal people called home because of the variety of food that they could enjoy all year round making living off the land very easy. With wetlands to the south and forests to the east and west this massive sandstone tells stories of the Dreamtime, how people lived and survived and the cultural significance it held with the Aboriginal people that is told amongst the many rock art paintings.

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There are over 5,000 rock art paintings located right here in Kakadu and many of them can be seen inscribed on the walls of Nourlangie Rock that you can look at and marvel and with your very own tour guide by told the fascinating stories and tales that come along with them. You can learn about the wars, mythological figures and important stories that have shaped this region over the years and see how the Aboriginal people describe their relationship with the land through these paintings. Once you view the rock art paintings you might like to climb to Gunwarddehwardde lookout for breathtaking views out across Kakadu and Nourlangie Rock which is certainly not to be missed.

Surrounding Nourlangie Rock there are wetlands to explore, woodlands to wander through and waterholes that are well worth enjoying a dip in. You can spend an entire day by the banks of the waterhole that you will find at the end of the Gubara walking trail which is a great spot to laze in while the kids swim in safe rock pools. There are around 22 species of freshwater fish swimming around the small cascading waterfalls and the only thing you will have to worry about are the monitors who over time have become quiet used to the regular tourists that come into the area.

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Watch the famous sunset of Kakadu at Nawalandja with its perfect vantage point where you will not only be treated to one of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see but you will also find rock wallabies, birds of many kinds and a variety of other animals to get up close and personal with the call this area home. Walk along the sandy banks of a billabong, take a guided walk for the day, learn about Aboriginal bush tucker food and experience a place that will give you goose bumps. Located near the Bowali Visitor Centre, roughly 30kms away, you will find Nourlangie Rock which is easily accessed by sealed roads. Where ever you might be staying in Kakadu, you can access this famous attraction in your own car if you have one or with a tour group. Entry to the rock is free and is open all year round and there are parking spaces for you to park your car in while you take the walk around the rock. Nourlangie Rock is one of the many attractions that you will find in the heart of Kakadu.

Add it to the list of things that you have to see and do when you come to Kakadu as Nourlangie Rock holds a great importance to the region and it is here that will see so much beauty and stunning landscapes that you may never want to leave.