Darwin Campervan and Motorhomes Holidays -| Hire and Rentals from Darwin, Australia

Darwin Campervan and Motorhomes Holidays -| Hire and Rentals from Darwin, Australia

Many international visitors to Australia hire or rent their campervan or motorhomes from Darwin. Darwin has an international airport and many incoming flights arrive from Europe and Asia. This makes Darwin the ideal jumping-off point for a touring holiday through Australia. Most of the major campervan and motorhome rental or hire companies have large depots in Darwin to cater for this influx. Excellent apartments and hotels are also available for those who need to stay for a couple of days while organising all the things that they need before they set off on their journey. Most people who take this type of holiday want to see the Northern Territory first and then travel to Western Australia before circumnavigating the country anti-clockwise.

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The first leg of the tour will take the campervan or motorhome traveller to the Litchfield National Park and then on to Kakadu National Park. These two regions both have spectacular Australian scenery with large crocodile-infested rivers, high sandstone escarpments, beautiful waterfalls and fantastic Aboriginal rock art. They are both only a short drive from Darwin by Australian standards. It is about three hours drive from Darwin to Kakadu and Litchfield is on the way. Many of the roads in these regions are for four-wheel drive vehicles only so it may be necessary to park your campervan or motorhome in one of the great caravan parks in the region and go on an organised tour to see the most important attractions.

Further to the south and at the end of a very long drive is Alice Springs and Ayres Rock. These are two of the Northern Territory’s most important attractions and both have excellent facilities for campervan and motorhome travellers. From here most travellers will retrace their steps back towards Darwin and then head west to Kunnanurra in Western Australia and the Kimberley region.

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The major companies operating from Darwin include Apollo motorhomes, Britz / Maui, and Kea campers and both of these companies have a wide range of vehicles on offer. You can choose from large motorhomes capable of carrying the whole family right through to four wheel drive campervans designed to take a couple virtually anywhere they might choose to go. The major hire and rental companies also provide an excellent back up service in the event that you experience a problem with your campervan or motorhome. In Darwin and right through the Northern Territory, you will find excellent facilities for overnight stays that will cater for all your needs. Fuel, food, gas, and sewage disposal points are all well catered for. The campervan or motor home traveller must remember that they are entering an arid environment and that distances here are vast. Always book your accommodation well ahead and never travel off road without first notifying the authorities of your intentions. If you follow these simple rules your campervan or Motorhome holiday starting from Darwin will be a raging success.

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