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If you love diving or perhaps are looking for that ideal destination for a great diving holiday, then why not take a look at Darwin. This city offers some of the best diving in Australia, beautiful warm waters all year round, clear visibility and plenty of fun and much of the diving that you can look forward to when coming to Darwin can all be done in the safe protection of the Darwin Harbour. This are boasts shallow coral reef gardens, sunken shipwrecks to explore and a variety of underwater species that you can get up close and personal with such as wobbegong sharks, turtles, octopus, cod, coral trout, jewfish and barracuda are just some of the species you can see.

Whether you wish to join one of the charters that departs daily from Darwin that will take you to some of the best sites or perhaps you would like to just do a shore dive so that you can explore the reef gardens for yourself, it is all possible. The Darwin Harbour is home to a underwater world just waiting to be discovered by you, where you will find every colour of the rainbow in a variety of reef fish, corals and sponges. You can see the reef by day or travel out for a night dive to see how the waters come alive come sunset! Due to the strong currents that run through the Darwin Harbour, if you are planning to board one of the charters, the crew will decide what is safe, fun and will govern your diving times around the turning of the tides.

Darwin Diving, Northern TerritoryDarwin Diving, Northern Territory

Along with the coral reef gardens that lie just off shore, so do a number of old sunken shipwrecks that were sunk here sometime ago. You can dive upon World War II ships from both Australia and America and even ships that were destroyed with the passing of Cyclone Tracy back in 1974. As well there are artificial reefs to dive and explore, combine all of this with the long interlocking reef system that fringes the coastline of Darwin, divers will have hours upon hours of diving adventures to look forward to when coming to Darwin.

There are a number of great diving charters that you can book onto if you wish to join a charter for a day trip or overnight adventure, and included in the one price will be your diving equipment and everything that you will need for a safe and relaxing time in the water. For passengers embarking upon an overnight dive there will be food and meals provide, comfortable accommodation, toilets and a local knowledge from the crew members that will take you to some of the best sites you will ever dive upon.

Darwin provides some awesome diving experiences that everyone can enjoy! Whether you want to learn how to dive and gain your diving certificate or which to join one of the advanced diving charters. There are snorkelling trips for families with young kids and many wonderful things to see as you skim across the top of the water. The waters surrounding Darwin are some of the safest, so you can always know that you are safe while enjoying a great time in the water.