Uluru Apartments

Uluru, Ayers Rock Apartments

The accommodation in Ayers Rock offers some wonderful choices and included with these choices are different styles of apartments that are sure to entice you. From one-bedroom suites to rooms that can sleep up to six or more people, the apartments in Ayers Rock can be a comfortable and spacious retreat for you to relax in. There are a number of first-class resorts that are located near Ayers Rock that all congregate to create a huge establishment offering a variety of different styles of tourist accommodation. From budget style to five-star luxury, you can take your pick depending on just how much you wish to pay for your holiday accommodation in Ayers Rock.

Imagine waking to the stunning views of Uluru as the sunrises and casts its rays to the huge monolith in the morning and you can sit on your private balcony enjoying your gourmet breakfast with uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside. With spacious open-plan living, king-size beds that boast views of the night sky, and the privacy that every honeymooner or couple planning a romantic getaway is looking for, these five-star rooms are second to none!

With some money-saving specials, families can check into apartments that boast self-contained kitchens, air conditioning for those balmy nights, private ensuite and a second bathroom for the kids, comfortable bedding and a private balcony or veranda boasting garden, pool, or countryside vistas. You can arrange for a budget-style cabin if you want to travel on a budget or arrange to stay in the lodge where you will have all of the amenities that you need for a relaxing stay all at your fingertips, or you can stay in one of the four and five-star apartments that have everything fit for a king.

Ayers Rock is a thing of beauty so it is only fitting that the range of apartments that you can book compliments their surroundings. With modern decor, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments to accommodate a large number of people as well as many onsite facilities right at your doorstep which include a shaded swimming pool, mini supermarket, and retail shops and be just minutes from the main hub of the shopping village where you can find restaurants, bistros, and cafes along with many other things, this apartment will provide the perfect base for you to start exploring Ayers Rock and its surrounds from.

With the first-class facilities, accommodations, and attractions surrounding the luxury resorts, if you are planning a function, wedding, special occasion, or business meeting it could be a change for the better when arranging your event to be held here. The spacious apartments will be excellent accommodations for your guests and the facilities, function rooms, and inclusions that you will receive will make your stay here a memorable one.

Ayers Rock is visited by thousands of people each year, making this one of the most visited places in Australia, so it is always suggested that you book well in advance so that you don’t miss out on your preferred style of apartment for your trip to Ayers Rock. Choose from accommodations like Ayers Rock Resort or Longitude 131° just to name a few.