Kings Canyon Attractions

Kings Canyon Activities & Attractions

There are a number of activities that you can do while enjoying and experiencing Kings Canyon. You can simply relax by the pool, set out on your own adventure, or join one of the many tours that leave daily to see the sights. There are many kinds of flora and fauna to see, wildlife and bird life of a variety of species, and some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever lay your eyes on. Kings Canyon is unlike anywhere else you will ever have the pleasure of visiting and with wonderful resorts and camping grounds you can fill your day with a range of activities that all ages can enjoy.

For nature lovers, you will be in your element with the bird-watching tours and nature walks that you can do while you are here as there are a number of great walks to set out on either by yourself or with a local tour guide that will take you to all of the beautiful places. There are guided walks through the canyon gorge where you can see the towering cliff faces rise above you, or perhaps you would like to set out on the walk around the rim of the escarpment for a completely different take on Kings Canyon. There are walks that range from one hour through to three and four hours depending on what you wish to see and how long you want to be out.

Everyone that comes to Kings Canyon comes to witness firsthand its sheer beauty and size and all of the walks will provide just this. All walks are very well signed for anyone heading out on their own and there are also signs along the tracks that will tell the stories of the Aboriginal culture as you venture further along the track. You can do the walk to Kathleen Springs where there is a lovely place around the watering hole to sit and enjoy the surroundings or you can set out on the boardwalk through the gorge itself.

You can join a camel ride or go quad biking one afternoon for all you thrill seekers as well as set out on a guided Aboriginal Tour where you learn about the land and the cultural significance and get to try some bush tucker along the way. More activities include helicopter rides above the canyon and romantic dinners under the southern night sky where you can dine on delicious foods, drink wonderful wines, and listen to the sounds of nature as the nocturnal animals come out at night. If you are staying within the resort you can laze by the pool, view the sunset from the viewing platform, lounge in the bar or enjoy a picnic or BBQ in the lush surroundings. There is also a souvenir shop to browse through and a children’s playground for the kids to have fun on.

There is wonderful dining to be enjoyed at the restaurant where you can sample mouth-watering Australian cuisine at its very best and after dinner, you can sit and do some star gazing under the star-strewn sky. Pack a picnic and set out for the day or book onto a tour that will not only include Kings Canyon but some of the other surrounding attractions for you to enjoy.

Kings Canyon is a remarkable place to come and visit that will exceed all expectations! Embark on a variety of adventures, do a huge list of activities that are fun and exciting, and experience a magical place in the centre of Australia.